The power of a (spiritual) mother

You know that old adage that adrenaline can allow a mother to lift a car if a her baby is trapped underneath? (Apparently that’s true, btw). I’ve been thinking more and more about the fact that we Catholics who are praying earnestly for the conversion of our spouses, partners, children, etc., are “lifting the car” for our unbelieving loved ones.

Sometimes, it is exhausting to pray every. single. day. for the same thing, without seeing much progress. “Is there really any point?”, you ask yourself and God. It can feel like a physical strain, and physically tiring, to feel like your prayers have to cover your whole household.

The same image kept coming back to me, though. One of me using all I have – my physical, emotional and spiritual strength – to lift up my loved ones to God. If you had to lift a car from above your trapped child every day, would you do it? Of course you would, even though it would leave you feeling sapped.

I’m not saying that I do my best every day. I could pray more, make more sacrifices, go to more Masses, and so on. But when I feel like giving up, this is the image I come back to. Our spiritual motherhood is indispensable to the coming of God’s kingdom.