A Lenten practice: fasting for faith

I just thought I would check in to share one of my Lenten practices this year. Some time ago, during Ordinary Time, I got into the habit of fasting from drinks other than water on Tuesdays as a small ‘fast’ for my husband’s faith. It reminded me to pray for him more during those days,Continue reading “A Lenten practice: fasting for faith”

A decade for my marriage

I know, I know, I won’t shut up about the Rosary. And I am usually the first person to roll my eyes about people who go on and on about a particular devotion. It’s not like I think every single person must. pray. the. Rosary. every. single. day., but I think it can have so many benefitsContinue reading “A decade for my marriage”

The Rosary: tips on building a habit

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve found the daily (or as close as possible) recitation of the Rosary has been enormously beneficial for me. I have seen quite tangible, positive changes to my marriage that coincide entirely with when I started to take regular recitation of the Rosary seriously. I love how it now weaves intoContinue reading “The Rosary: tips on building a habit”

A post-rosary prayer for my marriage

This is an approximation of a prayer that I offer each day after the rosary I say for my husband, my marriage and my family. Of course, it can be tweaked according to your circumstances and doesn’t need to be offered after a rosary. Lord, through the intercession of your Blessed Mother, please accept thisContinue reading “A post-rosary prayer for my marriage”

Prayers of Elisabeth Leseur

Sometimes it can be difficult to find our own words of prayer. Thankfully, the Church has a rich tradition of beautiful prayers, in addition to a whole host of saints who have given us words of prayer to use when our own words fail us. Here, I will list some prayers recorded in Elisabeth Leseur’sContinue reading “Prayers of Elisabeth Leseur”

A morning prayer for my marriage

Lord, Thank You for the gift of a new day of marriage. A new chance to love better; To serve better; To embrace my vocation. I ask you, Lord, to help me embrace my cross, As You embraced Yours, Out of love. I pray, Lord, that You will show my spouse Your love, That heContinue reading “A morning prayer for my marriage”