Why I’ve been quiet

It’s been a little while since I wrote on this blog. I think about it often, but I’ve been doing some reflection on my purpose in writing, and what exactly I want to achieve, or contribute, through this medium.

Did you hear about Joshua Harris, author of the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye (1997) which was hugely popular in Protestant circles and had a huge influence on the chastity movement? He wrote the book when he was very young, and recently made a public apology for what he recognised as quite damaging rhetoric that was found in the book. He specifically highlighted that when he wrote it, he had very little experience of romantic relationships, and was not in a position to be a voice of authority on the topic.

Now, as of this moment, I am not being offered any major book publishing deals, so I don’t think there is too much risk of that! But it has made me think about my ‘authority’ to write about marriage to someone who doesn’t share my faith. I haven’t been married long at all, and I am certain that I have a lot of growth and learning to do, in all aspects of marriage, and especially in living out my faith fully whilst having a successful marriage.

Furthermore, I am still early in my spiritual journey. I certainly have no voice of authority when it comes to matters of faith!

I am definitely still planning to use this blog, to keep writing about the same topics and sharing my experiences, but I want to be more careful and reflective about how I convey my message. I can tell you what is working or not working in *my* marriage and family life, but I can’t tell you what will work in yours. Of course, no one can – but someone who has been married for longer than I may be better qualified!

In any case, I am grateful for the people who do read this blog, and leave encouraging feedback. I try to remind myself that if my writing helps just one person, it is worthwhile.

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