A Lenten practice: fasting for faith

I just thought I would check in to share one of my Lenten practices this year. Some time ago, during Ordinary Time, I got into the habit of fasting from drinks other than water on Tuesdays as a small ‘fast’ for my husband’s faith. It reminded me to pray for him more during those days, and re-centred me on one of my primary duties as a Catholic wife: to get my husband to heaven.

However, over time, I let this slide. I kept thinking that I should get back to it, but I never did. Lent seemed like the right time to pick it up again. So I am doing exactly the same thing, but also making a point to pray for other people’s husbands by name. I am also praying the Litany of Trust on Tuesdays. This litany is a great way to remind ourselves that God is ultimately in control, and wills our good and the good of our husbands. We can’t ‘persuade’ God to place a love of Jesus in our husbands’ hearts faster that He wants! God’s timing is not our own, and He works all things together for His glory.


  1. I just want to send you a note of encouragement for your blog posts. I am in a similar position. As a cradle catholic who was lapsed but now returned to the faith, this has been such an area of challenge for me. I can identify with everything you describe. Thank you and keep writing!


    1. Hi Ruth, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner! Thank you so much for the encouragement; just what I needed to commit to get back to writing! I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  2. Please pray for my marriage and husband Michael. I like the idea of offering a little sacrifice for his conversion.


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