A decade for my marriage

I know, I know, I won’t shut up about the Rosary. And I am usually the first person to roll my eyes about people who go on and on about a particular devotion. It’s not like I think every single person must. pray. the. Rosary. every. single. day., but I think it can have so many benefits that I would really like to encourage everyone to just try incorporating it into their regular prayer life.

Probably the biggest thing keeping people from committing to praying the Rosary regularly is that it seems like a big time commitment, and not one that necessarily sounds like a lot of fun. I still find that to be true. Pretty much every day, when I think about when I’m going to find time to pray the Rosary I think “gaaaah, it’s going to take 15-20 mins of my time and it’s gonna be boring!”

To get around this, I promised myself that I would pray a decade for my marriage every day. If I stop after one decade, then I’ve still prayed powerfully for my primary vocation. I try to mix up my exact prayer so that it doesn’t become robotic: instead of simply saying, “I offer this decade for my marriage”, I might say “I pray that my husband and I will be attentive to each other’s needs, and be able to clearly express our own needs”, or “I offer this decade in thanksgiving for a trustworthy and hardworking husband.”

More often than not, once I’ve prayed that first decade, I want to keep going, and I manage a whole Rosary. But if I get into bed and I’m tired and want to go straight to sleep, and then realise that I’ve forgotten to pray the Rosary today, a decade for my marriage usually still seems doable.

Not every time, and there are of course days when I don’t pray a single Hail Mary. I’m always working towards getting better and better about praying a full Rosary every day. But until I get there, I’ve found this to be a good way to pray at least a part of this beautiful prayer the majority of days.

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