The Rosary: tips on building a habit

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve found the daily (or as close as possible) recitation of the Rosary has been enormously beneficial for me. I have seen quite tangible, positive changes to my marriage that coincide entirely with when I started to take regular recitation of the Rosary seriously. I love how it now weaves into the rhythm of my life; whilst I rarely manage to say a full Rosary in one sitting, I can usually say a decade here and there throughout my day until it’s complete.

As this devotion has been so fruitful for me (and countless others), I wanted to share a few tips about how to forge this habit if it’s something you struggle with.

  • Podcasts/YouTube

When I committed to a daily Rosary, the thing that helped me the most was praying along with an audio Rosary. I used the Rosary Army Scriptural Rosary, which I found great and loved the Scripture verses before each Hail Mary to help me focus on the Mysteries. There are loads of others available, though, depending on your preferences. 

  •  Commit to a novena 

I decided to pray a 54 day Rosary novena for my marriage. It was daunting and overwhelming – I could not imagine praying a Rosary every day for 54 days! But my intention was important to me, and so I did it. It was a great way to make it a habit, and although I haven’t kept it up every single day since, I still manage it most days. If 54 days seems to much, pick a different novena, such as the novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots (9 days) and include the Rosary in your prayers to her.

  • Find where it fits into your day

I used to think that I had to pray a Rosary sitting down, quietly, with no distractions. And maybe that is optimal. But it doesn’t fit well into my life as a SAHM, and so I most often pray it whilst taking the baby somewhere in the pushchair. I count Hail Marys on my fingers, curled around the bar of the pushchair, and let my little one get used to seeing and hearing me say those prayers. Perhaps for you it’s in the car, or while you nurse. Wherever it is, it doesn’t *have* to involve sitting down in conditions conducive to contemplative prayer and praying it all in one sitting. 

  • You don’t have to pray it all at once!

This has probably made the biggest different for me. Sometimes I pray two decades on the way to the supermarket, two on the way back, and one right before bed. Sometimes I pray three in Mass, and two on the walk home. And yes, sometimes I forget (or am too tired) to finish the whole Rosary before the day is over. But that’s OK. God knows your intention and appreciates the efforts you made, and Mary will be interceding for you even in the absence of that final decade (or three)!

I hope this helps, and that little by little, you might feel able to make the Rosary part of your regular prayer routine. I promise you will be so glad that you did.

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